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Because this is the best day of your life.

(And these are the details that you won't remember)

Your baby's birthday, a day that your life is forever changed and you understand what it is to truly love at first sight. 

I'll be on call, 24-7 for the days and weeks leading up to, or after, your due date. Birth photography includes full documentation of your labour and delivery, and includes up to 2 hours post partum at your home or hospital, capturing the incredible details of those amazing first moments together. Birth and Fresh 48 sessions include ALL the digital images and a custom video combining photograph and video footage which tells the story of your baby's birthday and hours following your baby's arrival.


Of all the work I do, these are SUCH a treasure. If you're thinking about having your birth photographed, or documenting your siblings meeting for the first time, I PROMISE you'll be forever grateful that you did this for yourself! 

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